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   Learning Resources for Software Professionals is a web site designed to provide Software Professionals with information about learning resources that they may use to enhance their professional skills or acquire new skills. These online learning resources include:

  • Learning Plans - Collections of links to the instructional material a learner will need to study a particular topic. The instructional material is ordered from basic through intermediate to advanced. There are several levels within each group, and for most of the levels there are alternative choices. The student can choose from the material listed to create a sequence of tutorials that best suits his or her learning goals.

  • Learning Toolkits - Collections of links to the software tools a learner will need to do the exercises associated with studying a particular topic.

  • Practice Tests - Lists of questions designed to measure a student's knowledge about a particular topic. Practice tests are often used to determine whether a student is ready to take a certification exam.

  • Reference Cards - (also called Cheat Sheets) provide a concise (sometimes a short as a single page) source of information about a particular topic.

  • Recommended Books - Lists of books that provide learners with high quality, low cost learning resources.

Learning Resources


UC Berkeley has posted its list of courses that are publicly available as Webcasts or Podcasts. has a Massive Resource List of free education sites.

Learn network security directly from the NSA. You can download a pdf of The 60 Minute Network Security Guide from the NSA's Systems and Network Attack Center.

IBM's DeveloperWorks has posted an article on Virtual Linux - An overview of virtualization methods, architectures, and implementations