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Java JDK 6.0 and NetBeans for Windows combined Download and Installation Instructions

Downloading the software

The Java JDK and NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) are provided by Sun Microsystems as a combined package that requires only one download with an installer that installs both products at the same time.

Go to the Sun's Java SE download page (link provided below) and click on the "Download" link for the "JDK 6 with NetBeans 5.5" bundle. This will take you to the Download page that lists the platforms this package is available for. Before you can proceed with the download you must click on the "Accept License Agreement" radio button. Then you can click on the download link for the Windows package (which is the last entry in the list). After clicking on the link, the download should begin automatically. This download is approximately 127 Megabytes and may take a while to download.

Here is the link: Java SE Downloads

Installing the Software

After downloading the software bundle, the installation instructions for this package can be found on the Sun Developer Network here. Note that the installation requires 415 Megabytes of free space (235 Mbytes permanent space and 180 Mbytes temporary space, and that you will need to accept the license agreement again during the installation process.